Vue du siège FNF C IFriedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) and the International Institute of Human Rights (IIHR) in Strasbourg will organise a Training Session on International Humanitarian and Criminal Law from 16th to 21st November 2013 in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire).
In fact, showing interest in the respect for, the defence and the promotion of human rights in Africa and throughout the world, FNF and IIHR hope that they will be able to meet the high demand in this area and contribute to better knowledge of International Human Rights Law, of International Humanitarian and Criminal Law by the main actors.
This training will make it possible for participants to be informed, to share experience and discuss the main challenges facing them in order to acquire the tools which are essential for the discharge of their duties.
Using the political and social situation of the host country marked by the setting up of a reconciliation mechanism, the disarming of armed gangs and the security of the sensitive zones as a pretext, the project initiators intend to emphasize International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Criminal Law (ICL).

The training is meant for government officials, magistrates, lawyers, law enforcement officers (the army, the gendarmerie and the police), members of the NGOs involved in the protection of human rights, civil society actors, researchers and students involved in special fields, etc.
Training will be provided by International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and International Criminal Law (ICL) experts from the institutional and the judicial sectors, from universities and the civil society.  
The following conditions must be fulfilled :
a)    Have a diploma obtained after four years of study at university or equivalent qualification ;
b)   Have in-depth experience in the area of human rights ;
c)   Have good command of French, spoken and written.
Registration fees are in the amount of 65.596 CFA Francs (100 Euros) for a limited number of seats.
All participants will be entitled to one daily lunch and 2 coffee breaks.
Candidates’ admission will be through application no later than 10th October 2013. Applications must be submitted to Friedrich Naumann Foundation head office in Abidjan :
Lot 143, Rue B32, Prolongement de la rue de l’Indénié/ Cocody Danga 06 BP 258 Abidjan 06 Côte d’Ivoire
Tel. (+225) 22 48 45 30 ; Web: or by e-mail to the following address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The application form is also available on line at IIDH web site, (under education activities / external sessions / Abidjan / registration on line) and at FNF web site, . Applications for registration can also be submitted on line. 
The candidates will be selected according to their qualifications by an admission committee,  under the responsibility of the IIDH Secretary General and the FNF Regional Director for West Africa.
Administrative registration and payment of registration fees will be carried out on 16th November 2013 starting from 8:00.
Participants residing in Abidjan may fulfil their administrative obligations from Monday, 4th November 2013 at FNF Secretariat in Abidjan :
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom
Lot 143, Rue B32, Prolongement de la rue de l’Indénié
Cocody Danga
06 BP 258 Abidjan 06
Côte d’Ivoire
Tel. (+225) 2248 45 30
You are requested to bring your letter of admission.
The location of classes will be specified later.

FNF, through its staff in Abidjan, undertakes to assist non-residents in looking for accommodation and in facilitating their visit to Abidjan.

Please contact Mrs. Sophie Konaté at (+225) 2248 45 30
or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For participants who will stay at the hotels targeted by the organizing committee, FNF will provide a shuttle bus service to take them to the locations of classes (departure : 8:30).

Aminata Touré : a woman heading the Senegalese government

Aminata touréThe Senegalese press made no mistake when it kept on making forecast about her : Aminata Touré, former Minister of Justice, Keeper of the Seals, was appointed Prime Minister  on Sunday 1st September 2013, to replace Abdoul Mbaye, a technocrat and former banker. Thus, after Mame Madior Boye (4th March 2001 – 5th November 2002), she becomes the second woman to hold this prestigious post in the political history of Senegal, a country where unbridled  conservatism still remains the rule in some circles and regions. 

As the daughter of a Medical Doctor and a midwife, the newly  appointed Prime Minister, called Mimi affectionately, seems to have the career profile to succeed where her predecessor failed : in meeting the social demand (youth employment, interruptions in the water supply, power cuts, flooding, sanitation services in cities…)

Aminata Touré, who is said to be strict and competent, has a PHD in Management and International Finance from Paris International School of Management.

The newly appointed Prime Minister was the Head of the UNFPA’s Human Rights Department at New York, a position she left in 2003 to be in charge of the office of the candidate running for the presidency, Macky Sall. As such, she contributed to developing the campaign programme called « Yoonu Youketé or the path to development » that she is in charge of implementing today. Appreciated for the energy she expended in prosecuting people from former President Wade’s regime assumed guilty of ill-gotten gains, the Senegalese hope she will demonstrate the same vigour to solve the problems facing them. 

Once again, a woman is called on when men have finally failed.

« Women are coming to power… »

Without paying attention to it, we are witnessing a new phenomenon quite interesting to analyse : women are called on more and more to solve the most complex problems. Thus, quietly, « women are coming to power… ».

In fact, the Head of State called on a lady to manage one of the biggest scandals in the Senegalese Police whose bosses were accused of connivance with drug dealers. In appointing Anna Sémou Faye Director General of the National Police, a male-dominated environment par excellence, the Head of State had just broken a myth rooted in the Senegalese’s subconscious. 

To ensure the continuation of the fight against corruption and embezzlement of public property, Nafi Ngom Keita, the former boss of the State Inspectorate - General, was appointed Head of the National Office for the Fight against Fraud and Corruption.

Beforehand, Aminata Tall was appointed President of the prestigious Economic, Social and Environmental Council. 

Again, a woman, Aminata Touré, was entrusted by the President of the Republic with the task of leading the government when the population’s anger started welling up as the outgoing Prime Minister did not manage to solve the difficulties facing them. 

The list is not exhaustive because many women are running banking institutions, national departments…

In a country where some people with backward mentalities keep on regarding women as inferior to men, without daring to say so, one may hope that this is not just a fashionable phenomenon or a nod in the direction of the female electorate!

4th International Forum on CSR, Dakar, Senegal

Phillipe Barry by Sandy HaessnerPhilippe Barry, Partner of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and Head of the Initiative “RSE Senegal” (Photo © Sandy Haessner)

The public in Africa is increasingly becoming aware of the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR, in French: RSE). Before this backdrop, FNF had organized a “Forum Libéral” on this topic in September in Dakar. Its partner organization "RSE Senegal“ now organized the "4th International Forum on CSR” on 2 and 3 November in Dakar, which was also well attended. FNF is planning to continue working on this topic in cooperation with RSE Senegal throughout the coming year.

Human Rights and Personal Data Protection

Workshop in FNF’s office in Dakar


Within the framework of its capacity building programme for young political leaders, the Foundation Friedrich Naumann for Liberty has offered a workshop on “Human Rights and Data Protection” from 12 to 13 September 2012 in Dakar, Senegal. Within the Foundation’s cooperation with the International Institute of Human Rights (IIDH), the two moderators, Cheikh Ba (judge) and Birahime Seck (NGO Forum Civil) had been sponsored to participate in the 43rd Annual Study Session in International and Comparative Law of Human Rights in International Human Rights Law and Personal Data Protection", from 9 - 27 July 2012 in Strasbourg. The objective of the workshop in Dakar was the distribution of knowledge acquired in Strasbourg.

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Former President of the European Court of Human Rights opens Study Session in Dakar

Jean Paul Costa

The former President of the European Court of Human Rights and incumbent President of International Institute of Human Rights (IIDH) of Strasbourg, Jean Paul COSTA, has opened the 4th Study Session on International and Comparative Law of Human Rights today in Dakar. This session is held jointly by the Foundation Friedrich Naumann for Liberty and the IIDH and takes place from 24 September to 4 October 2012. 

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